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Dear Mrs., Naylor, I’m a big fan of Alice books! 2015 summer is so great I have read 2 books already in the summer and I’m on my 3rd one “Alice in the Know “. I’ve read all of your books in order and I just stared like in January. I saw Alice Alone at my school library and I read it and they I saw Simply Alice which was after Alice Alone and I also read it and then I saw Patiently Alice and I read that one. I saw other Alice books at my school library and I also read them. Then when school led out I went to the Public Library and requested 2 books and I read them and I just love them!!!! It bums me out that Alice, Pamela, Elizabeth, Gwen and more people in the book aren’t real. They should really make more movies about Alice and the same descriptions they have in the books. Thank you for having the time to write Alice books for everyone so we can enjoy cause I definitely do!! –

Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you are able to read the books in order.  It’s good for fans to know that if your library is missing some of the series, you should be able to ask the librarian to get them for you from another library on inter-library loan.  This is a free service of public libraries.  It may take a while, if there’s a waiting list, but it’s one way to read the whole series.

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