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You probably get tons of fan mail every day and you’re probably never going to read this one. But in case you do I wanted to tell you that your Alice series are the best books I’ve ever read. I relate to them so much and I’ve been reading them for years. They help me through situations and whenever I don’t know what to do I think, what would Alice do? I see a lot of me in her, making the same mistakes that she did and going through the same stuff she did too. (My name even sounds like hers) I think what struck me the hardest was the last book. I couldn’t read another book for a long time because I was thinking about that one. I loved how it was written and I’m so glad that you didn’t tell the readers how Alice died or what her life was like beyond 60. I realized that the series is over and I don’t think I could have managed that so I just finished ordering all 28 books from Amazon to read over and over again. I’m not even in college yet let alone married with children, but I have a feeling I will be reading these books for a long time throughout my life. They certainly prepared me for everything that could
happen in life so thank you so much for all the smiles that you brought me by writing these books. I couldn’t thank you enough.

Phyllis replied:

I read every letter and email I receive, and yours was very welcome.  I’m impressed that you ordered the series, not easily done, I know.  I will be so happy if my publisher ever puts the whole series out under one ISBN number.  It’s wonderful that you found the books helpful as well as entertaining and meaningful.  Thanks so much for taking the time to write to

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