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I have been reading the Alice series since I was in the 6th grade. I love the books so much that it is my favorite series in fact my favorite book is apart of the series. I really appreciate you taking your time to right all of these books. When ever my local or school library didn’t have a book in the series I went online and ordered it.Your are an amazing author. Alice is a character you just so happen to fall in love with.

Because of you I have been one of the top readers in my class a few times in my seventh grade school year. I could finish your books around a day or two because they were too good! You have inspired me in many ways. Of course its been a while since you wrote the very last book but I have literally fallen in love with this series. You have made me a better reader and I really do mean that. I cried knowing that the series had to come to an end. After the series I was on hold for reading because I didn’t know what to read. This was because I tried to read books similar to the Alice series or even better………. but that was impossible!

Phyllis replied:

I miss Alice too, but it was time to let go.  I was always happy when January came around, and it was time to write another  Alice book.  I’m so happy that the series means so much to you.

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