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I know you may not answer this email because you have a lot of letters and emails but if you ever get to read this here’s what I have to say. Have you ever though of making a movie of the new Alice book, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything” it would be great. But it may take alot of money to do just one film. I wish you could take this in consideration. And if you ever do want to make a movie I would ask if I can be in the movie if this ever happens. I may not be an expert by I would love to be in at least one movie its my dream just like yours. Remember to always follow your dreams and never stop imagining.

Phyllis replied:

I have very little to do with some of my movies, and certainly not in the decision whether or not to produce one.  But thank you for your thoughts.  It would be fun to be one of the characters in the last Alice book, as there are a lot to choose from.

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