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The Girls on the Covers


How do u get Alice, Elizabeth, and Pamela on the book covers? Are the girls on the cover like real girls? I have been wondering that all this time and just wanted to know.

Phyllis replied:

There have been so many different Alice covers over the years. But I think you’re referring to the group of books where we used models from agencies. I know that we used one particular girl a lot–Including Alice, Reluctantly Alice, Patiently Alice, etc.–and they took many different shots of her, making her seem younger on some covers, older in others. They may have used her several times as she grew older too, I’m not sure. In Patiently Alice, where we used all three, the girl posing as Pamela is, of course, wearing a wig. The agencies never tell us the names of the models themselves, so we never know who they are.

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