Forced to Read Books I Didn’t Like


I grew up with Alice in a way, since I started reading the series when I was a young teenager and could relate to the awkward and embarrassing moments in Alice’s life. When I read your books, your writing was so descriptive, it was as if I was watching through the window as Alice ate dinner with Lester, Ben and Sylvia or I was standing beside them as Alice and Patrick shared their first kiss. My mind turned into photographs as I read each page and I was able to tune out the world.

I remember when I finally caught up to your writing, I waited with anticipation of the next book’s release date. I turned 25 years old last month and just finished your last Alice McKinley book, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything”. I had tears in my eyes when I realized I was nearing the end of the book and the series. When I was younger, I was placed in a remedial reading class and my parents always forced me to read books I had no interest in. That was, until I found your series. I have related to Alice on so many levels, her close group of friends, her hometown and even her job (I am a social worker- I work with kids too).

I am sad the series is over, however, you left it on a good note. Throughout the series, I cried, I smiled and I burst out laughing, uncontrollably on several occasions. I will forever be grateful to you and your imagination, thus creating an amazing series for girls who can relate to difficult situations and grow to be strong, independent women. So thank you for making Alice quirky, inspirational and entertaining. She will forever be instilled in my memory.

Phyllis replied:

I’m so happy to know that you and the Alice series found each other.  And that now you are a social worker, working with kids!  Thank you so much for taking time from your busy life to write to me.  It means a great deal, and it’s wonderful to know the books meant so much to you.

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