Will Cherish these books Forever!


Hi, I just finished reading the last book of the Alice series and am literally crying. I have started reading this series since the third grade and just want to thank you so so much. Your books have helped me in more ways than I can say. I don’t even know how I’m going to move forward from right now; I feel like my life is over now since I have finished the series. This series has really been such a light in my life through the years, it has really taught me sooo many things and helped me grow through these years. I feel that I have gone through the same things that Alice did which has been really shocking to me but this series has helped me so much in continuing my life and love the Alice books even more. Thank you thank you so much for writing this series. Words can’t even justify how much love I have for these Alice books and for you for writing them. I will always cherish the Alice books forever. Thank you! ❤

Phyllis replied:

Well, I’m happy that your post-Alice life is just beginning, it’s not over. That was one of the ways I wanted readers to feel when they finished the last book–that just as Alice is starting something new, readers will feel that they have a fascinating life ahead of them, and I very much wish the same for you.  Thanks so much for taking time to write to me.

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