A Box Set of the Alice Books?


I was wondering if there was a website that you could order all of the Alice Mckinley books at once, like in a box set?

Phyllis replied:

I so wish that were possible. Many people have written me about it, but so far the publisher hasn’t seen a way to do that profitably. I’ve suggested that they divide the first 27 books into threes, and publish 9 large 3-book sets, to go with the final large paperback, “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.” Alice’s senior year is already divided into books of 3’s, each one coming out with a different title. I think the problem is how to market them; how would this set appeal to a younger grade school girl, and would college girls want to buy all the books about a younger Alice?  For whom would the covers be designed to appeal? There are so many things to consider, but I’ll send your email to the editor just so your request will be heard. Thanks so much for writing. Phyllis

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