Alice as an Older Sister


Hi, I am a HUGE fan of your Alice books! I have read these books over and over again and I am on the very last one, Now I’ll Tell You Everything, and I love it! I think of Alice as an older sister, helping me through years to come through her experiences. I was really sad when it said on the cover that it was the final Alice book. I do have one question though; I haven’t finished the book yet but I assume her children grow up and I was wondering if you were going to write a sequel series about Alice’s children’s children growing up. Yet again I still haven’t finished the book (I honestly can’t put it down). You are quite an inspiration to me, I hope to become an author one day. If you do decide to write another book, could it be a cross between the Alice series and the TV show Gilmore Girls? If it’s too much to ask for I apologize. Thank you! Much love for Alice!❤️

Phyllis replied:

Well, I’m happy you put it down long enough to write to me!  I’m so glad that you are liking the last book so much, and that the series has meant so much to you.  I don’t plan to write any more Alice books, and if I did, I wouldn’t try to make them like anything else.  Because as soon as you dilute the original idea, tinker with the original characters, a story loses it’s uniqueness.  And I want Alice to stay that special friend to you.

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