Could You Write Scenes from Another Perspective?


I am a huge Alice fan! I enjoyed reading every book from the series. I am also a reader who likes to read books that are written in two or more different perspectives. So, I am not asking you to write the whole series in another character’s perspective, but would you have time to write certain scenes from another character’s perspective? Such as the scene of Alice’s date at the country club with Patrick; but written from his perspective. Like what he felt during the date or Pamela’s thoughts when she hides in Alice’s house. I don’t want to tell you what to write, so I’ll leave whatever perspectives you want to write to you. I understand that you are busy so I won’t mind if you turn down my request.

Phyllis replied:

If I had 48-hour days and four hands, I could do this and it would be fun, but there are SO many other books I want to write, and I don’t just write scenes with nowhere to go.  But you might have fun trying your hand at this!

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