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I really need advice on something. I absolutely adore your books and want to become a writer myself when I grow up by the way.  Well the situation is, I am in year nine and recently moved back to my old school. The friendship groups have changed, obviously, but the group I’m in the ‘leader’ had a massive fight with the other group. She is so against them, wants to get them all expelled and all that. She says I have to pick which group to be in and I just want to be friends with everyone. And some of the people in the group I can’t hang out with have known me for ages and are my really good friends.

I don’t know what to do. The ‘leader’ of my group is basically controlling who I hang out with, what I post on Instagram anything. If it’s anything to do with them then she gets so angry and the whole group turn against me. I don’t know what to do.I would just really like to hear your advice because you are one of my role models and I highly look up to you.

Phyllis replied:

I think it’s time to ask yourself some questions: If the school population is really so segregated into two groups, why are you in the group with this kind of a leader?  Why aren’t you with your “really good friends”?  Is this the way you want to live your life, with someone else telling you what to do and whom you can hang out with?  Here’s a fact: not everyone in your life is going to like you, and you aren’t going to like “everyone.”  But I do appreciate your attitude that you would like to be more friendly with different types of people.  I suggest you look around and make some brand new friends that aren’t attached to any group that dictates what they can do.

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