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Enjoyed Them Even More in English


Today I would like to thank you very much for writing your Alice books. They have accompanied me throughout all my teenage years. Sometimes I feel like I grew up with Alice as a good friend and guide by my side. Reading the Alice book series has given me so much in my life. I laughed and I cried with Alice.

I’m from Germany and I got introduced to your book series by a friend when I was in middle school. After having read the first book I couldn’t stop and read all of the ones which were available at that time.  Unfortunately at some point in time they stopped translating the books to German so I just switched to reading them in English. I must say that I fell in love with your books even more when I started to read them in their original language.

I think you are a magnificent author with an extraordinary spelling style. You are able to touch people’s hearts by your words. I really think you should know that.

Now I am 23 years old and looking back on my teenager years I must inevitably think of my journey with Alice. I believe she helped and guided me through many phases of my life. Those books brought so much joy to me – thank you for writing them and thereby being a big support for many girls around the world!

Much love from Germany and a very merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Phyllis replied:

What a lovely message to begin the holiday season!  I’ve always wondered if my books are enjoyed more in English than in translation. I wish all my Alice readers a happy time with family and friends.  For me, the New Year will find my brother in Oregon, one granddaughter in India, another in Australia, my older son and his wife in Minnesota, so I will be spending Christmas with the one relative I’ve got closer, our younger son and his family in New Jersey.  Many families, I know, are spread out across the country and across the globe, and it’s wonderful that we have so many ways to connect.  May the New Year bring some peace and calm to our lives and to this world.

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