Questions about Crazy and Embarrassing Things


I ended the last Alice book last night and i must say that it was one of the best! The idea of ending the last book with the memories was very nice. I began to read your books with nine years and i loved them so much.Now i am 17 years old and i´m from Germany so i`m really sorry if my english isn´t good but i hope you understand. The Alice books are only published to the 14th book so I began to read the rest on english(what really helped me in school) I must say that I grew older and older with Alice by my side and she helped me in a lot of situations . Youre books are sore wonderfull, emotional and real! They made my cry and laugh at the same time and as i was a girl i really could identify with Alice because she had so much questions about crazy and embarrassing things. You teached me alot with youre books about love, friendship,racism,gays and lesbians, get involved  and becoming self-conscious .You helped me to grow up and you answerd so many questions in youre books and i have the feeling that i have to thank you for all that. I must thank you for all those sleepless nights in wich i couldn´t stop to read youre books. I must thank you for all those things you teached me and all those moments you made me smile and cry .And also a big thank you to help me to learn english because reading your books motivated me and helped me a lot.So last but not least must thank you for creating Alice as a role model for me!

I am believe that in every little girl is in some kind a part of an Alice and I am sure that you helped a lot of people. I don´t even know you but I send you the best wishes for youre life and a lot of success. You would make me really really happy if you send me an answer because i like you so much. Please send me only a feedback that you read this e-mail.
and please never forget that you changes more lifes than you could believe

Phyllis replied:

It’s really wonderful to know that Alice was there for you in so many ways, and answered so many of your questions.  I admire the readers for whom English is a second language and they use the Alice books to help them learn.  Thank you for taking the time to write to me.  Your letters help me more than you can imagine.

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