Silly, Sad, Embarrassed, and Excited


Hi I am a huge Alice FAN!! I have read your Alice books over and over again but this time in order because I never get tired of reading them. I currently finished Achingly Alice and I’m going to read Alice on the Outside. Boy your books really make me happy, silly, sad, embarrassed, and excited! I really want to know why u stopped writing and never made more movies about Alice because it would be a huge hit! Also these Alice stories are they based about how you were when you were in all those grades Alice was? Like Did it really happen to you? I would really just like to know. Well thanks for writing awesome books!

Phyllis replied:

Well, I knew I had to stop writing them sometime, and I decided that once she was through college, it would be a good time to take her life in leaps, rather than three books about each year of her life.  There are so many other books I want to write!  Yes, some of the things that happened to Alice happened to me or to someone I knew.  The Tarzan incident in The Agony of Alice happened to me when I was in fourth grade.  Being fired from her job in high school because she took time off to go on vacation with her family happened to me also.  And falling down the stairs and wetting her pants on her first day of high school happened to my mom back in 1914 on her first day of high school.  As for movies, I didn’t have much to do with the movie Alice Upside Down, though I liked some of the actors.  Whether anyone will make movies of the rest of the books, I really don’t know.  A nice idea, though.

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