Grew up With Alice


I don’t quite remember how I ended up here or what made me think of the Alice series. What I do know, is that I ordered all of the Alice books on Amazon and plan on re-reading them immediately. Thinking of Alice and all of the wonderful stories you created immediately brought me back to my childhood. I grew up with Alice all through out elementary school, middle school and even the first year of high school. But then life happened and I forgot about Alice. I forgot about all of the characters I once saw in each and every one of my friends. I forgot about the characters that taught me so much about growing up and made being an only child, not so lonely. Alice was like the sister I never had and until today, I hadn’t given her a second thought. I laughed with Alice, I cried and now I’m finding out that after so many years the series has ended. Alice grew up, just as I had. I haven’t read the final book just yet but I want to thank you Ms. Naylor for bringing Alice into my life and to so many others. I am now 26 years old and re-reading your books helped remind me how much Alice has shaped me and been there for me throughout my most awkward and somewhat embarrassing years. There will never be a character quite like her and I cannot wait to give my future daughter the opportunity to learn and grow with Alice just as I had.

Phyllis replied:

You made my day. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.  I’m sure that I grew and evolved along with Alice, during those 28 years I wrote about her.  The whole collection will be available this summer as three boxed sets, but I’m glad you were able to find them all on Amazon.  Perhaps Alice was the daughter I never had, but it was a delight to write about her, and hard to say goodbye.  I’m happy that she meant so much to you.

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