Is This How it Was in High School?


I’m just about done with the Alice series. Right now I’m reading about her senior year. Now that I’m older, I didn’t realize how immature and frustrating Alice could be. Not all the time of course, but often times I would I have to put the book down and shake my head. I guess that was how I was in high school sometimes haha?  I hope you are doing well and look forward to reading the last and final Alice book. I haven’t received it from Amazon yet but I’m hoping I’ll receive it right when I’m finished with her senior year.

Phyllis replied:

That’s probably how most of us were in high school.   I think about a few of the times I was embarrassed almost to tears, as well as angry, jealous, hurt, delighted, euphoric, sad, frustrated….  Have I left anything out?   But obviously I lived to write about it.

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