Rediscovered Alice


Today, I rediscovered my love for Alice McKinley. As a 26 year old woman now, I remember more than ten years ago finding your books in my local library and forever being changed. Alice helped me through so much and essentially became my best friend without even knowing it. I believe a true, great writer is someone who makes their characters believable and Alice was definitely that for me and so many other women around the world. Truly know that you have a gift and I will be forever grateful for the many laughs, tears, and happiness your books brought me over the years. I am so looking forward to being able to get the series as a whole again to finish what I started so long ago.

Phyllis replied:

What a lovely email.  It makes me happy to know that the books meant so much to you.  And especially that you took time to tell me so.  I’m looking forward also to the complete collection, which should be out in a couple of months.  I’ve seen the box covers of the three sets (elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond) and think they are really attractive.  And hugs to your local library for having the Alice books available to you when you needed them.

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