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As a child and young adult, I was an avid reader. I’m now nearly 27 years old, and somewhere down the line, in the chaos of college, relationships, jobs, and a life overwhelmed by laptops and iPhones, I lost that. I abandoned one of life’s simplest joys — sitting down with a good book — without even realizing it. I miss it deeply.

In asking myself “what changed?”, I was transported back to a time of library trips and lazy summer days. I had forgotten about Alice. It was a series that I couldn’t put down, and I’m so grateful to you for having created this world of relatable, beautiful characters that taught me all about life. Your gift of writing has touched so many people.

I’m on a mission to regain my love for books. The memory of Alice has sparked that desire in me once again.

Thank you, for everything.
Phyllis replied:

Thanks so much for taking time from your busy life to write to me.  I go through periods like that too when I get caught up in all the “business” of life and forget for awhile the joy of pulling back once in a while and giving myself over to books.  I’m especially addicted to audio books, many of which have wonderful actors reading the story.  I’m delighted that the Alice books have sparked your desire to read again.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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