Want to Grow Up Like Alice [edited]


I’ve emailed you a lot about your Alice Books so I hope I’m not getting annoying or anything. SO I just finished the whole series in order I finished “Now I’ll Tell You Everything” last night and let me tell you I loved that book so much and can’t believe that it is the last book and there are no more to read:(  I’m going to miss being surprised in every book but I know everything in every book. I was so happy to see Alice grow up in the series especially the last book. I’ve had so many emotions reading the last book… happy because she gets married with…..Sad because……embarrassed well not really I was just blushing when Alice had love with……enjoyed that Alice,Pamela,Elizabeth,and Gwen were still BFFS. I even had tears in my eyes when I finished the book because I feel like I’m going to be miss every suggestion or crazy things that happened in these books. I also feel that Alice was a sister to me because she talked about things I didn’t even know about now I do because I couldn’t these stuff to my brother. I love these books so much!!! Sometimes I won’t to grow up like Alice…. I would always get confused on who was either talking Patricia or Patrick because there names were spelled similar hahaha! Well I’m very sad that the series ended and wanted to know more about what happens next after the last book but the ending tells them everything. I have a lot more questions but I wouldn’t want you sitting here for hours reading and answering them. But thank you so much to amazing books and answering my email..Best author in the WORLD!!!

Phyllis replied:

I’m sorry I had to edit so much out of your letter, but you sort of gave away much of what happens in the final book, so it would be a spoiler for those who haven’t read it yet.  But I would like to comment on something that bothered you; people can’t help the way they feel, only what they do about it.  They can no longer not be attracted to someone other than their spouse than they can say they are not hungry or not thirsty or not frightened or embarrassed.  It’s when you act on that attraction when you know it would be bad for your marriage that is the problem.  In a good marriage, the couple are each as committed to the marriage as they are to each other.  I’m glad that you are happy with the way things all turn out, and thank you for your long email!

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