Never Stopped!


Hi!  I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading about Alice.  The open relationship she enjoys with both her  Father and her brother is amazing.  I must admit I am definitely one of her older fans at 61 years old.  I started reading her years ago and never stopped!  I am working on a childrens book of my own.  What an amazing world we live in, that anyone with an imagination and a story to share, can hope to become a published author.  No college degree needed. Stay well.

Phyllis replied:

That’s true.  Anyone of any age, any race, any background, any education–if they write an interesting enough book–can become a published author.  What it takes is imagination, the ability to put words on a paper in an interesting, perhaps even unique way, the fortitude to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and polish, edit, polish, edit until the story sort of sings.  I think everyone has a story inside him, but only a few have the persistence and, of course, the interest, to write it down and see it through.  Best wishes and good luck!

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