True or Not?


I was wondering if the igloo scene in the prequels was based on any of your experiences.

I read on your website that the Tarzan scene was, so I just wanted to know if the time Rosalind accidentally traps Alice in an igloo was a true story.

Phyllis replied:

Fortunately, it didn’t happen to me, but it’s just the sort of thing that Rosalind would do.  I vaguely remember hearing that it happened to someone else.  Without  reading through all the Alice books, I can tell you two other things that really happened:  Remember Alice falling downstairs at high school on her first day as a Freshman, and wetting her pants?  That happened to my mother on her first day of high school back in 1915.   And didn’t  Alice at some point in high school get a secret note asking her to meet someone by a statue, a guy who had an air of mystery about him?  That happened to me….  I’ll bet  you could make your own list of awkward or embarrassing or scary things that have happened to you…..

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