About Phyllis


Born: Anderson, Indiana; January 4, 1933
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Husband: Rex
Children: Jeffrey and Michael (now grown up)
Daughters-in-law: Julie and Jeanie
Grandchildren: Sophia, Tressa, Garrett, and Beckett
Siblings: an older sister, Norma; a younger brother, John
Pets: none now, but we grew up with a springer spaniel and lots of cats

Most fun thing to do: snorkel
Most hated: galley proofs

Color: green
Food: chocolate
Active Sport: snorkeling
Spectator Sport: basketball

Other Jobs: locker room attendant, clinical secretary, typist, teacher, editorial assistant, mother

Books written: over 130
Stories & articles written: about 2,000
Number of rejection slips from publishers: 10,337 (really!)

First Book Published: The Galloping Goat and Other Stories, Abingdon Press, 1965

Awards Won: Newbery Medal, Edgar Allan Poe Mystery Writers Award, Child Study Award, Kerlan Award, Christopher Award, Society of School Librarians International Award, Hedda Seisler Mason Award, Appalachian Medallion, about 25 state awards, and various ALA notables

Hobbies: playing the piano, singing, going to the theater, snorkeling, hiking, baking bread, baking Christmas cookies, wave running, water jogging, doing almost anything with my family

Favorite book as a child: Huckleberry Finn

Favorite book of my own: Unexpected Pleasures

Authors who are friends of mine: Almost all of my friends are authors or illustrators, Lois Lowry, Ashley Bryan, Katherine Paterson, Eve Bunting, and Jerry Spinelli among them

Authors in my critique group: Laura Melmed, Betsy Kraft, Peggy Thomson

How I got started writing: A former Sunday school teacher wrote to me and asked me to write a story for a magazine she was editing. It was a baseball story, and she sent me a check for $4.67.

Who most inspired me to write: My parents, because they read aloud to us every night until we were in our teens; my Sunday school teacher; and teachers at school who seemed to enjoy my stories

How long will I go on writing: As long as I can hold a pencil

35 responses to “About Phyllis

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  2. chrisdude101

    you are an awesome writer

  3. My favorite authors are you OF COURSE and Lois Lowry. Tou guys keep me reading. I have read EVERY single book you’ve ever written. Thanks for writing 🙂

  4. Mandy

    I’m doing a project for my English class and my teacher wants us to write a letter to the Uthor of the book we read and send them the letter through the mail. How would the best way to do this. Email, address, or what?

  5. Mandy

    I meant Author. Sorry.

  6. alicemckinley

    Hi Mandy, you can write to me by email at FriendsofAlice@aol.com. Talk to you soon!

  7. Jadyn

    What is the next Alice book after Alice One Board?

  8. Jadyn

    Miss Naylor I have always been a fan of your work since third grade and it is an honor to be able to communicate with you. I’m your biggest fan and whenever I get another book of yours I make sure to read it more than once I place your books on hold and wait however long it takes I read all the Alice books and I am ready for the next ones I’m going into middle school and It would be nice for Alice to start an adventure with me

  9. Hi Mrs.Naylor when is your next book after Alice on board going to come out?

  10. I love this series!

  11. ur the best author i love your books so much

  12. I love these books!!!!! What will happen to Alice does she die at sixty or what?

  13. alicemckinley

    It will be out on October 15th this year, and it’s called “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.” It’s also the final book in the Alice series!

  14. alicemckinley

    It’s called “Now I’ll Tell You Everything,” and it will be out on October 15th this year. It’s also the final book in the Alice series!

  15. Yay thank you Miss.Naylor

  16. I’m gonna miss Alice

  17. daniella

    I am in love with this series!!! finished it in such a short time barely got any sleep at night… is now ill tell you everything the same as always alice?

  18. alicemckinley

    Yes, Now I’ll Tell You Everything is the new title for the final book in the series, which used to be called Always Alice!

  19. Haylie

    I love your book “Shiloh”. I recently finished reading it in class and now it is on my list of recommendations for MUST READS!

  20. Alaina

    wow. i don’t even know where to begin. these books have literally helped me through life these past years. I’ve been having family troubles and a lot of sicknesses with my siblings and that kind of hard for a 14 year old girl to handle, and so i needed to get my mind of of things, and i love to read so i said why not try something new. so a friend of mine recommended the Alice series, and i have not been able to put the books down since. these books have such an amazing and relate able story line i just love them so much! to me i find the Alice books like inspiration to me! i’m pretty sure every girl dreams of having a life like Alice’s. i just wanted to send a personal thank you from me and the thousands of other Alice fans for writing these books and opening up a whole new world to us. seriously, thank you so much!

  21. Ava walsh

    Will u be having a book signing anytime soon?

  22. emily

    this website really helped me learn about her….

  23. Nick

    I love your book Shiloh!!!!we are reading it in my class.I actually liked so much I actually(accidently)read on a another page after the chapter we were supposed to read!(oops)??¿

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  25. austin

    where do you live!!!!!!!! we are doing reaserch on your life…

  26. Julie

    The last Alice book ‘Now I’ll Tell You Everything’ has taught me more to growing up. That you should join being a kid. And where is “never land” when you need it? Reading Alice in her teen years all has shown me that i’m a normal teenage girl and it’s okay to make mistakes.

  27. Caden

    Phyllis Reynolds Naylor- I really wish you would write sequels to the boys against girls series. I really enjoyed that series of books.To anyone else out there- If you have not read that series of books you are missing out.

  28. Phyllis I cant thank you enough for writing the Alice series. Your books really reach out to girls who are still trying to find out who they are. When Alice’s life turns upside down, she somehow always finds a way to turn it right side up. When you write about the events that Alice goes through during the different stages of her life, girls can really relate to Alice and her problems. It’s amazing how you make Alice seem so real! Like I can look in the phone book and literally expect to find Alice McKinley Long in the list! Thank you so much for every Alice book you have written!!! I actually cried at the end of your last book “Now I’ll Tell You Everything” because I didn’t want it to end!! Thanks! 🙂

  29. Diana

    Hey Mrs. Naylor – I read somewhere about the controversy over some of the Alice books and that got me interested…read one and then had to read them all! Love the series and wish it had been around when I was that age! Thank you!

  30. Hi Mrs.Naylor!!! I am doing a Book Talk on Shiloh and I need to fill in my Info Sheet about this book. One of the questions are “Publisher” and “Publication City” and I was wondering if you could please tell me what theses answers are. If you can it would be a great help. Thank you!

  31. Evelyn Hullopeter

    I love your so much my favorite book is the last book I have read it 2 times and now reading for a thrid time and for a project for school we are to do a thank you note and I want Ed to send you one so how should I send it? You are my favorite author😃

  32. I will never give up on my writing either. I thought it was pretty awesome you have a grandchild with the name same as I. Tressa

  33. Jessica Ruff

    I’ve e-mailed you before, and you’ve responded, but I just wanted to let you know once again how much your books impacted me. At times, they saved me. I’m eighteen now, renting my own apartment, and heading for college next fall. My family was scattered and not nearly as supportive as Alice’s, but reading the Alice series made me feel as if I had her family and friends, and I cried right along with her when Ben died, when Patrick and she broke up her freshman year, and so many other times! Thank you so much for the books. And all of them, really. They’ve made me feel like I’m not so different after all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  34. alicemckinley

    You can email thank yous to phyllis_naylor@comcast.net!

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