Just the Facts

Dear Friends of Alice:

This is our gift to you, the Alice “bible,” composed by our copy-editor, and containing all the facts I needed to remember about Alice and her world each time I wrote a new book. There is nothing new here and it’s not a story, just reference material that was revised every few years to keep me up to date regarding all the people, places, birthdays, cars, doctors, dentists, kisses, costumes—absolutely everything and everybody pertaining to Alice.

If you have not yet read all twenty-eight books, you may want to do that first, as this contains spoilers, and the page numbers given may not be the right numbers for different editions. But this is possibly the first time that a publisher has offered this to the public, and we are sharing it with you, our loyal readers, as a reference source for all the Alice books—something that kept me sane and grateful to the copy-editor who composed it. I hope you will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the Alice series, and that it will help you locate some of your favorite events.



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