The Books in Order

Books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, in chronological order

Alice Prequels:

1. Starting with Alice        2. Alice in Blunderland              3. Lovingly Alice

Read an excerpt                     Read an excerpt                            Read an excerpt


1. The Agony of Alice          2. Alice in Rapture, Sort of          3. Reluctantly Alice


Read an excerpt                            Read an excerpt                       Read an excerpt

4. All But Alice                           5. Alice in April                         6. Alice In-Between


Read an excerpt                          Read an excerpt                          Read an excerpt

7. Alice the Brave                      8. Alice in Lace                         9. Outrageously Alice


Read an excerpt                          Read an excerpt                            Read an excerpt

10. Achingly Alice               11. Alice on the Outside             12. The Grooming of Alice


Read an excerpt                          Read an excerpt                            Read an excerpt

I Like Him,                             It’s Not Like I Planned           Please Don’t Be True
He Likes Her                         It This Way


13. Alice Alone                         16. Including Alice                    19. Dangerously Alice
14. Simply Alice                       17. Alice on Her Way               20. Almost Alice
15. Patiently Alice                   18. Alice in the Know               21. Intensely Alice

22. Alice in Charge                  23. Incredibly Alice                 24. Alice on Board

25. Now I’ll Tell You Everything

89 responses to “The Books in Order

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  2. Thank you so much for posting this i really needed the alice serious.

  3. Boot

    I love your books!!! Biggest fan!!! 😉 ❤

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  5. Polly roth

    Will always Alice be your last book??? Please say no. These books are my life!!!

  6. Athena

    Love your books, Phyllis. 🙂

  7. Mariely Rebollar

    Is “I LIKE HIM, HE LIKES HER” part of a series and if so what number is it?

  8. Brianna

    I absolutely love the Alice series. I have been reading them since I was in 5th grade and now I’m goon into 9th. The books have real life situations that most girls can relate to. Thank you do much Phyllis Naylor. Please don’t EVER stop writing!

  9. Vanessa Clarke-Deaver

    I am obsessed with Alice! She is like my best friend! She reminds me so much of me. Elizebeth is just like my best friend, and Pamela seems like another one of my friends. It’s funny to see what they get into as friends! Most of the stuff that happens in the books are like things that have happened to me. I’m up to Alice the Brave now, and since I’ve described them to friends, I’ve started a trend! The Alice books are ALWAYS reserved at the library in my school, and you can only be lucky enough to get one. Thank you for writing an amazing series I fell in love with from the start!

  10. Alice

    I found your first alice book at school a year ago, my teacher said u were a wonderful author, so i started reading and got hooked since, my mom sonetimes gets mad at me for reading too late with your books!Being an expert on anybody named Alice, (that’s my name) I have to say that your books are simply a work of art- it’s showing millions of people one persons wonderful journey through life, I simply ADORE your Alice books, I promised myself I would read everyone!:)

  11. Bridget

    I love these books! I can connect to them on all different levels. Plus they are funny, romantic and suspenseful in her high school years

  12. Christina

    I love the Alice series. I remember when I first read “I like him, he likes her.” I was obsessed from the start and couldn’t stop reading! I just finished reading “Incredibly Alice.” I can’t wait to buy the last one. I wish the series wasn’t ending. These books are amazing and I can’t wait to keep reading yours books!!

  13. A huge Alice fan

    I absoutivly love the Alice series please never stop writing them I love the book series!!!!!!

  14. Nancy Carrillo

    I love your books…

    son muy buenos

  15. Vanessa Clarke-Deaver

    I love Alice! My favourite books by far! I was wondering if there is a way to buy all if them, like a boxed set? Thanks!

  16. Zorayda

    The alice serie are really good books. The fist book I read was I like him he likes her then I moved to the second one its not like I planned this way and im reading now please dont be true and I cant waits for alice un charge 🙂 … I will love if you make a movie out of alice high school years =) i think everybody would love it!

  17. madison

    I love the Alice series! They are the best! I’ve only read a couple and have been trying to read the ones I haven’t and so far it is the best ever!:)

  18. Elizabeth Fela

    I just started reading the Alice books at the beginning of this year. I literally JUST finished Incredibly Alice, and am so emotionally invested in these books that I cried when she graduated. I have cried so many times during the series, but graduation was such a huge thing for Alice and I honestly felt so proud of her! I wish the series never had to end!

  19. Daisy

    Hi! My name is daisy and I just adore the Alice series. They’ve helped me understand stuff about love, sex, friends, and family. But I was wondering, is it bad to read the high school and on Alice books when I’m only in 8th grade? I’m a big fan and want to keep reading them but not sure if I should yet. What do you think?

  20. sally

    i start alice and i got hooked instantly literally. im just soo sad that the series is coming to an end soon ive loved those books its just sad i just they can make it into a movie to see if visualizations were right

  21. courtney oslon

    I love your Alice books! I have not been able to stop reading them (until, of coase, they ended). Do you know what date that Always Alice will be coming out?

  22. Michele

    Phylis I really love your books and think u are a great author I started reading your books about 1 month ago from my school library. They had only 1- Reluctantly Alice. I loved it so much and started looking into them . Then I releized we were reading one of your books in school -Shiloh that was a really good one ! Now I have ALOT if your books and I got to say you are my favorite author! I think u should keep making those books beacause i show them to my girlfriends and they love them!! + I do to

  23. Hi Phyllis ;D I’ve talk to you once in email if you’re wondering. I would like to know if there’s all the Alice in Malaysia Penang. Cause i haven’t read all yet and I’ve been finding for it but i can’t seem to find it. 😦 . I miss reading Alice 😦 I’ve read till Alice in lace after that book i haven’t got a chance to find it. So please reply me. I need to know if there’s is so i can buy that books on my birthday on February 3. Please. Thank you ^^
    – victoria

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  25. Lisa

    I love this books. Phyllis u r AMAIZING!!

  26. alivia hernandez

    I loved I like him he likes her it kept my attention now I want to get my hands on its not like I planned it this way

  27. oh my god these are the greatest books of all time

  28. arigirlie123

    someone has to turn these books into movies

  29. Is Alice on board the last book ever???

  30. alicemckinley

    No, the last Alice book will be called Now I’ll Tell You Everything, and it will come out in October 2013.

  31. alicemckinley

    Thank you! Always Alice has a new title, Now I’ll Tell You Everything, and will be out on October 15, 2013.

  32. alicemckinley

    So far there’s no boxed set of the complete series, but you never know! You can get all the books from each of Alice’s high school years in four paperback books called bindups, if that helps. They are called I Like Him, He Likes Her, It’s Not Like I Planned It This Way, Please Don’t Be True, and You and Me and the Space In Between. Hope you enjoy them!

  33. alicemckinley

    I Like Him, He Likes Her is a collection of three of the Alice novels: Alice Alone, Simply Alice, and Patiently Alice. So if you’ve already read those three books, there’s no need to read I Like Him, He Likes Her too. But if you haven’t read them, it can be a great way to get all three! They come right after The Grooming of Alice.

  34. alicemckinley

    Sadly, everything great has to come to an end. Always Alice, which is now called Now I’ll Tell You Everything, will be the last book in the Alice series. But that doesn’t mean it will be my last book ever!

  35. alicemckinley

    I’m afraid I’m not sure. Please check with your local bookseller or online.

  36. alicemckinley

    Technically the high school Alice books are meant for readers who are 12 and older, but that doesn’t mean younger readers can’t or shouldn’t try them. Perhaps you can share them with a parent or an adult you trust, and you can decide together whether you’re ready to read them now or if it would be best to wait. Hope you enjoy them, whenever you get to read them!

  37. ellie

    the alice books are amazing my sister emma tries to steal them

  38. ellie

    hey alice i am a big fan i love your books but i am poor and i cant buy the rest of the books are there any books for free

  39. silyia

    the alice books are amazing they help me go through school i feel more confident with school now i’v read all of your books during the last month. my mom and dad tell me all i ever do is read.i can not wait to read now i’ll tell you everything(alice).it is so sad that the series are going to end . do you have another series like alice mckinley ?i wish the last book will come out today . i hope you will make many more books like this. the alice books are sometimes a guide because mostly whatever happens to alice happens to me to.i have told everbody about your books . now they are famous at my school. they are always getting borrowed by me. if you any other books just like alice please tell me. you have made a big difference in life . the alice books changed our whole life and thinking. i love these books. all the books i ever read this book is sooooooo good that nothing else can come close to them. you are the gretest author in the whole world no one can come close to me. you are great i tell you the greatest author on the face of the earth .you should never stop writing. you make a big difference in the world.i hope you will write for the rest of your life.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (sorry for the long letter you are such a good writer i could not stop)

  40. Emily

    I have started reading them and they are wonderful!

  41. Gaby

    Phyllis, I am such a fan! I read all the books (including the sequels) in under two weeks, and I now have no idea what to do with my time! I do actually have a question, though; what is the new name for “Always Alice?” And are there movies?? I am a booknerd, bookworm, movielover, basically anything in that area!! Please get back to me!!

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  43. Ashley

    I don’t know why I thought of these books after years and years… I read them when I was in middle school. I swear, it was like I was Alice! Now I am a mom to a baby girl and I can’t wait til she reads these books! I have to get them all and actually finish where I left off because there are tons I haven’t read yet! You’ve been writing these for a while!

  44. Alice

    Alice seems EXACTLY like me and she’s got friends and relatives with same Ames as me and I’m Alice too… Haha and her life is like EXACTLY like mine…

  45. Julie silver

    Love the books!!!:):)

  46. caroline

    Thank you so much for Alice! I started reading the books with Starting With Alice in 3rd grade. Now I’m going into 11th and already preparing myself to cry my heart out while reading the last one! I’ve been able to relate to Alice with every single thing that happens to her. Thank you from your most devoted reader! 🙂 ❤

  47. ellie

    i luv luv luv the alice books i have 2 say i am a bit young for them but lots of people say i’m quite mature for my age (i think) when i finish reading them i will buy every single one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please please write 100000000 more! 🙂

  48. lanie

    I love your books they are my fav I never want your books to end

  49. Addysen

    I’ve only read reviews and cant wait to show my book/friend group about these books.So excited to start reading.

  50. Hey Phyllis. Uhmm, shush this is secret stuff- butt, i have actually read my first book, from you, and i like him he likes me, is just simply amazing!- and yes you can call it Trey Songz. (haha i wonder if you got that) But one thing, would there be any guy versions of alice,not to say ooh id like that more, but just i hate riding the nyc subway- days im not driving that is- and getting all kinds of loks from ppl. Ooh gee, “isnt that a girl book”, ooh gosh im gonna become alice and hurt somebody! 😀 in other news, im loving your books, ad i will read “its not like i planned….” Starting today. Thanks Phyllis!!

    P.s. In 20 yrs old and a student at unh. Whoa you’re books reallt are for any age!!!

  51. sofia diena

    Can you tell me orden form “I like him, he likes her” till the last one

  52. alicemckinley

    Hi Sofia. You can find the books listed in order here:

    Now I’ll Tell You Everything will be the last book!

  53. alicemckinley

    The new name for “Always Alice” is “Now I’ll Tell You Everything.” And there is one movie out on DVD based loosely on “The Agony of Alice.” It’s called “Alice Upside Down.”

  54. alicemckinley

    Try finding the books at your local library! If you can’t find them you may be able to ask a librarian to special order them for you.

  55. Nadia

    I love this series! I only wish I knew about it sooner.

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  57. These books got me into reading <3.

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  59. Caitlin Hudson

    When is Always Alice’s release date?

  60. alicemckinley

    The final book in the series, which used to be called Always Alice, is now titled Now I’ll Tell You Everything. It will come out in the US on October 15, 2013!

  61. alice mckinley allaya davis

    ive been reading alice over 2 years and im still not done
    i have’nt been reading them in order though
    thats my real name too:
    Alice Mckinley Allaya Davis

  62. Jayla

    The Alice books actually is a movie… its only one, but its a spin-off of the Agony of Alice. The movie is called Alice Upside Down. The books are better, but the movie stars two Disney Celebs, Ryan from High School Musical and Mitchie’s Friend on Camp Rock.

  63. Rene

    Just finished the final book. It was phenomenal. It was written with such grace and care for every single character. I’ve read the Alice series since I was 11 (I’m now 21) and so part of me feels like I’m losing a friend. But I’m glad I now have closure to such an amazing series. I hope my daughters will read about Alice one day and enjoy it as much as I did.

  64. christine

    i am a huge fan i mostly read all your books they are so great

  65. Lynne watkins

    Do i have to read incredibly alice and alice on board in order to start i like him he likes her and what is the order of the books after i like him he likes her thanks so much

  66. alicemckinley

    Here are all the books in order:

    I Like Him, He Likes Her includes three books, as do the next two books lists. You can find books 22-24 in one volume, too, called You and Me and the Space in Between!

  67. samira

    your books are awsome

  68. Reagan

    Love love love them and I only read dangerously Alice and incredibly Alice so far!

  69. Jacie

    Will I get confused if I start with I Like Him, He Likes Her?

  70. Callie

    I love this series, Alice in Lace and Now I’ll Tell you Everything are my favorites!

  71. alicemckinley

    You’ll miss some of Alice’s back story, but we think you’ll get caught up quickly!

  72. GinnyWeasley,NotPotterBecauseIKeptMyLastNameTakeThatHarry

    I wish I’d known about this series earlier… then I’d have been able to Fangirl over them from the beginning!
    Thanks for writing them, though. You are a genius! Alice forever.

  73. Daniella Janolo

    This series is awesome!!! Its the best! My friend Emily introduced me to this series and I’m so thankful she introduced it to me! I’m obsessed with this series!!!

  74. toya

    I Love These Alice Books!)!)!)!)!)

  75. Abbey

    Im so sad that they are over but i am so glad that i have been able to grow up with alice. i started reading them in the 3rd grade and now i am in the 10th grade!

  76. Jody

    I have to say, it’s refreshing to see so many like myself. I’m always asking people if they read the Alice series growing up, and always find myself trying to explain just how awesome, amazing, and relatable they are, at any age.
    My Fourth grade teacher read aloud, “The Agony of Alice”, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Many a night spent with my night-light up until dawn, laughing so hard, I have tears in my eyes– and next to me, the stack of Alice books just checkout from the library.
    I’m 31 now, and have to say how much of an impact this series has had on my life. To know you’re not the only one wondering/freaking out about: kissing, sex, relationships, bodily functions, etc… for young girls going through the tumultuous teenage years– I don’t think you could ask for a better companion to walk that path alongside, than Alice. Alice taught me that I could have the most embarrassing thing happen, like walking in on a boy in a department store dressing room– and not only live… but turn out to have a successful relationship with them!
    Thank you for sharing with us, and for so many years– like many that have already commented, these books and Alice, in general, are tales I never want to stop reading. Books are priceless, and never lose their meaning because their words evolve with us — I’d jokingly ask when the movies are coming out, but truthfully, I’d never enjoy them as much as the Alice that’s already my best friend, and has been for over 2 decades.

  77. Rose N.

    I am 30 years old, and started reading the Alice series when I was in 7th grade, about 1996. A friend left a copy of Reluctantly Alice in our locker. I was hooked, and read every book that had been written so far. As I got older, got a job, kids and stuff, I lost touch with reading and the series. I was SO excited when a few years ago on a trip to the library, I discovered more Alice books had been written, more to come. I read every one, just read the last one. It was kinda sad, but I think it was cool to see how her life turned out. Such a great series, will read them over and over again!!

  78. Karamvir

    I just love the alice books it has changed my life. There interesting and fun to read I read all of them (almost)

  79. Sara

    Thank you so much for these books. I’m only in 7th grade, but I’ve always been one to think (and worry!) about the future and how my life is going to go. Reading the Alice books has given me a realistic perspective, and after reading the final book I even see her as a role model of sorts. The best thing about your books, though, is that they show that life is precious despite mishaps and awkward moments, and that we can all learn to be happy at any phase in life. Thanks again Phyllis!! 🙂

  80. monicarosas

    hay I love the books a lot I just finished reading it s not like I planned it this way and I am going to start reading the next book please don’t be true. (:

  81. Isabel

    I started to read the series when I was in 5th grade which was in the year 1999. Wow I feel so old! I only read up to Achingly Alice 😦 I know it sounds silly but I’m finishing my bachelors so hopefully I can get some down time to finally finish reading all the books. I can’t wait 🙂

  82. Emily

    I just love Alice too much that I feel like I have a sister growing up with me,although I am an only child.The first Alice book I’ve read was in grade four,Alice In Agony, and i instantly fell in love with her.Right now I am going into grade six,and I absolutely can’t go anywhere without bringing an Alice book with me.Thank you very much for making many of us girls happy,and If
    Alice were alive,I’d hug her.

  83. Emily

    Also,did I tell you today is my birthday?If Alice were alive,I’d TOTALLY share it with her.I want to yell at Lester for forgetting Alice`s birthday sometimes.He deserved to make up fo it!

  84. Lily

    I love Alice so much that I can’t express how I’m feeling.I started reading about her in grade three.I’ve been reading Alice books for three years now,and I REALLY want her as my friend.

  85. Shika

    Hi Phyllis ! I’m shika from Indonesia.
    I’m so in love with your Alice books since i’m in junior high but sadly in my country the translated version only published 13 books outta 25 (they don’t release the prequels) 😦
    Well…now i’m ready to hunt the complete english version. I’m sooo happy to know that there’s a compilation of 3 books into 1 volume.
    Just wondering…is there any deleted chapter from each books in the compiled version? I don’t want to lose any fun details of Alice life !
    Waiting for your answer !

  86. Gracie

    love your books 🙂

  87. Emily

    I love Alice!

  88. Morgan

    We just found out I’m pregnant and have been thinking of baby names. If it’s a girl we plan on naming her Alice, all due to my favorite character and books I read as a girl! Thank you for the inspiration! Is there any way to buy all of your Alice books as a boxed set?

  89. alicemckinley


    The Alice books aren’t available as a boxed set (the box would be HUGE!), but you can buy all the books from Alice’s high school years in four bindup editions, which are called I Like Him, He Likes Her; It’s Not Like I Planned It This Way, Please Don’t Be True, and You and Me and the Space In Between. Hope that helps!

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