Ruin our Relationship?


Hi Phyllis! I have a really big problem; I think I’m in love!! I know it’s not really a problem, I mean…it’s hard to explain! Ok I’ll just get on with the story. This guy I’ve liked since kindergarten is always sending me these super sweet texts and one day on the bus, I really just wanted to jump on him and kiss him. I just can’t resist! I have a feeling he likes me back, but I’m wayyyy to scared to ask; I mean what if it ruins our very close relationship, that took 5 years to build?  I don’t know what to do; I want to be his, but at the same time I don’t? Too confusing, right?

Please help!!!
Phyllis  replied:
Surely there is a way, other than jumping on him, to let him know.  Can’t you simply text him back that sometimes, whenyou read his text messages,  you feel you are starting to like him as more than a friend, and this is confusing.  Ask him if he ever feels that way.  Then sit back and see how he replies and reacts.  I think that will tell you if he meant something special in what he wrote, or if he wants to keep the relationship platonic.

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